Have you ever found yourself mindlessly floating in that nifty brain of yours, thinking of the hypothetical situation where a pioneering electro shaabi key-whiz is stuck together in a room with Egypt's leading zar outfit for eight long hours and the musical frenzy that will ensue? Well.. Neither did we. Thankfully, we get to save whatever is left of our precious mental capacity for this year, for no hypothesis shall be required, as none other than Redbull has it all cooked up for you in their latest video series - Mazzika Salonat.The musical equivalent of an awkwardly irksome gawaz saloonat that unexpectedly bloomed into a beautiful marriage, Red Bull has paired up artists from extreme music worlds together in one crazy marriage of sound. In between Islam Chipsy's electrifying keywork, Wegz's infectious trap, Discomisr's wild grooves, Hossam Hosni's timeless sound, Shahinaz' sugar-coated pop and much more, Red Bull will be blind matching these artists to get together, in one studio, for eight hours. Having to produce a collaborative track as their exit ticket from this arranged marriage situation, each pair up of artists will have join forces, and sounds, bringing both of their polar opposite music worlds together, to create an entirely different one.

Check out the first episode where shape-shifting producer and multi-instrumentalist Hatem ElChiati is coupled with Ahmed Kamel and his uniquely accessible voice. .

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Produced by @MO4Network