Following the success of his last album '3', Marwan Moussa presents his latest project, 'IMPORT//EXPORT', where he undertakes a dynamic exploration of two distinct styles. The first half, 'IMPORT,' predominantly features western-influenced trap and drill, while 'EXPORT' is centred more around shaabi-inspired sonics.The production of the album was co-executed by Marwan Moussa himself alongside multi-platinum Grammy-nominated producer Khaled Rohaim.

Setting the tone for the album, Marwan opens with the track 'DKHOOL\KHROOG', taking listeners on a captivating journey through different stages of his life. The song combines hard-hitting basslines with heavily autotuned vocal hooks, providing a first-hand point of view into Marwan's rise to stardom. Marwan then transitions into 'BOS EZAY', where he blends his rap flow with Eastern melodies over a driving trap beat. The synth hook and Marwan's signature echoing autotune create an immersive soundscape enveloping the listener.

On 'PANASONIC' Moussa gets witty, expressing a preference for Spotify's Arabic playlist 'Melouk El Scene' (ملوك السين), featuring emerging artists, over Travis Scott's latest album 'Utopia'. Halfway through the track, the tempo slows down, gradually transitioning into a shaabi-inspired melody that pays homage to Filo's classic Mahragan, 'Hekayet elsohab'.

Shifting gears to the second half of the album, aptly titled 'tasdeer' (Export), Moussa embraces his shaabi influences. 'WADDY' kicks off this section with its slow, mellow drift, accompanied by whaling background vocals. Moussa then takes on 'RO7 3ALATOL', a dance-ready, mahragan manipulated track with the catchiest hook of the album.

‘7OB KHENA2’ showcases his versatility by engaging in a duet with up-and-coming Egyptian singer Nourine Abouseada. Together, they deliver a sentimental performance, exploring the dynamics of couples fighting and reconciling from different perspectives.

'KALAM MANTEQY' follows, with Moussa adapting to a slower tempo, complemented by a violin melody. The track exudes a laid-back vibe, allowing Marwan's lyrics to take centre stage.

Marwan concludes the album with 'VOLT 3ALY', a post-shaabi instrumental characterised by a hard-hitting combination of bass and keys, inviting listeners to jam along to the beat. Overall 'IMPORT//EXPORT' showcases an artistic growth to the evergreen hit-maker, and and ability to seamlessly blend various musical styles