Cover Image by Youssef Makar

Following the success of her hit collaborative track with Marwan Moussa ‘7ob Khena’, up-and-coming Cairo-born singer Nourine Abouseada dabbles in new sonic territories with her Egyptian dance-pop single, ‘Mesh Fakrak’.

In the track, a post-breakup banger produced by HMDY, Nourine is letting go of the pain and the self-doubt that stew your thoughts following the end of a toxic relationship. Marking the end of an era, and her moment of closure, where the fog of her intrusive thoughts about a former lover lifts, ‘Msh Fakrak’ sees the rising artist sending a message to, aptly her ex, in a passive-aggressive yet all too chill flair, that she forgot his existence. It’s self-care as snark; she’s now found her inner peace, and moving on with her life.

Featuring her soft vocals wrapped in pulsating basslines and upbeat rhythms, the track is complemented by a music video, directed by Parlanta Toubba and shot on the sun-drenched Red Sea shores in Soma Bay resort. In a snippet of the video, we see Nourine, donned in a starking red swimsuit, and calmly floating on the surface of the crystal blue seawater, signalling a fresh start in her private life.