This edition of Select features the co-founder of the new vinyl haven in Maadi: Sakanat Studios. Saleh Amin has been DJing before half of the scene’s DJs emerged, but unfortunately has not been getting the amount of bookings he deserves. Saleh Amin has a reputation among the scene and its DJs to be a true lover of the craft, and a DJ that appreciates different mediums of mixing such as CDJs, Vinyl and more. Amin plays an organic form of house and minimal/house, and in this edition of Select he is able to take us on a journey through the different shades of minimal house.

Occasionally the genre may be perceived as "boring", this might be in part to a lot of minimal DJs using tracks that have very similar sound design throughout the whole set. Saleh Amin, on the other hand, is able to demonstrate the different colours of the genre, and through dynamic mixing and a calculated flow, travels through them preventing the staleness and lack of evolution sometimes found in minimal. In the latest Select, Amin starts with a focus on the groove, then shifts to a dreamy and more ethereal vibe and just before you start to think that it might need a little push, he injects the right amount of bass for your boogie woogie. Through tracks like Ambrose's Greetings From Madame Dominique, the DJ shows us his more eerie side, while still maintaing melody and harmony in pieces like Moby's Deep mix of The Shamen's Make It Mine. Whether it is for your thursday after party or saturday’s slow recovery/death in bed, Select 24 complies.

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