From familiar names such as J!N and Gast, to newcomers like DAHB and machine.condition, 2020 has seen Cairo-based label, HIZZ, tap even further into Egypt's left-field music-makers. Their latest release comes in the form of a 11-minute, one-track EP that adds another dense and original entry into their library.

Opening with scattered vocal recordings over rumbling bass and disjointed piano melodies, Hebatallah makes it immediately clear that Shuttle Juice is a slow-burning, emotional journey that requires patience in order to truly appreciate.As the EP progresses, the broken piano melodies give way for rising, metallic atmospheres and a steady, subterranean beat that gradually builds in intensity as the EP reaches its climax around the eight-minute mark. While some resonating frequencies come through the almost abrasively loud, as the track progresses, the distortion lines up harmonically with the rest of the instrumentation, revealing a purposeful and intentional disregard for traditional mixing/mastering conventions.

In speaking with Hebatallah, it is clear that Shuttle Juice is left wide open for the listener to interpret for themselves. It arrives with description beyond the brief words: “Piano melodies dissolve in feedback as confusion builds up a sweet techno trance.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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