Muhammed Green, aka Gast, is an IDM and experimental producer living in Cairo. His techno-inspired productions have often had a transportational and transformational effect on the listener, creating murky, unearthly soundscapes, often with contemplative ambient spaces and a congregation of intriguing beats and noise. Following the release of Unrar (2016), a 2017 collaboration with Egyptian DJ, Zeina, on Coast, prolific underground Egyptian record label Hizz have released his latest EP, Entity.  

Its intro track, 'Divine', feels like a menacing medley of fairground melodies, a carousel from a more sinister dimension twirling against the backdrop of crushed, hollow and asymmetrical drums.

'Elektrum' is a high-intensity techno-meets-drum-and-bass race to the death. Once again, Gast plays with a high-end spectrum of synths to create otherworldly environments, this time a never-ending arpeggiation that suddenly self-cannibalises into a mass of glitch, before reaching the finish line. It's dance music, but it's manic dance music for a particular time and place - where that is exactly we'll leave up to your imagination. Finally, 'Endless' once again is centered around a series of locked loops that intertwine like a helix running the gamut between dark/grizzly and light/fluttering.

It's as ominous as would be expected for an EP described by the label as "the missing link between man and desert blackouts," but what Gast does is treat sound with a kind of meticulous and mechanical energy, a detail in its timing and fluctuations that lend to a wholly captivating listening experience.

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