Scarlett Saad and Kristian Abouanni are no strangers to each other, having previously worked on several music projects before coming to form indie pop duo, Police Voleur – the French name for the kids’ game ‘cops and robbers’. Themes of childlike frolicking and general avant garde tomfoolery are very much at the heart of their debut single as a twosome, ‘Cache Cache’ – the French name for the game hide-and-seek. Musically, it’s a very simple track carried by a bare, hip-hop inspired beat. It’s the lyrics (in Arabic and French) and the video that really catch the eye (and ear?), however; double entendres and plays on words (cache is cash in the loopy world created by Saad and Abouanni) drive a spirited track and video full of tongue-in-cheek humour.

The track sets the tone for more of the same from the group’s upcoming debut album, also named Cache Cache, and it will be interesting to see what a whole album of their perky, left-field pop style sounds like.  

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