Over the last year Hady Moamer’s stock in Egypt’s music scene has continued to rise. In 2021 when Drake’s Pipe Down from ‘Certified Lover Boy’ received a Grammy nomination, the fact that Moamer had worked on the production flew surprisingly under the radar - that’s probably because it was under the pseudonym of Jean Bleu.

The anonymous credit had also appeared as a collaborator on Marwan Pablo’s game=changing record ‘CTRL’ before Moamer came into his own in December 2022, stepping out of his own shadow with the release of Darbt Bar2 - an eclectic EP that saw him begin to make a real name for himself not just as an accomplished producer but as a rapper as well.

Following his first EP ‘Darbet Bar2’, Hady Moamer has now unleashed his second EP, ‘Zekrayat Elmostabal’ (‘The Memories of The Future’) - a collection of tracks showcasing Hady's distinctive fusion of Upper Egyptian folklore and modern British sounds that delves deep into the realm of human emotions and experiences, exploring themes of self-discovery, growth, love, regret, and anger.

The EP kicks off with ‘Manseetesh’, which showcases vocal samples from the legendary El Sheikh Ahmed Bren along with the traditional drum percussion, paying homage to his invaluable contributions to Egyptian folklore art. Complementing the EP is a playfully crafted music video that was created for the track, directed by Mohamed El-masry and Robert Domitius, which immerses viewers in the vibrant tapestry of the Egyptian streets as they’re adorned with traditional string lights.The track ‘Zekrayat’, co-produced by Badmood, features a high-tempo beat that pulsates with echoing vocal samples of chanter Mohamed El Agouz, intertwined with Shaabi Mahraganat synths. In ‘Elsahar’, Hady blends futuristic synths with auto tuned vocals from El Sheikh Ahmed Bren, creating an otherworldly atmosphere as he delves into his late-night musings. Meanwhile ‘Ets7bt’ takes listeners on an introspective voyage of guilt and emotional pain, with Hady's poignant lyrics and haunting background vocals harmonizing with vocal samples of Mohamed El Agouz.

Bringing the album to a powerful close, ‘Mn Awel Marra Outro’ begins with an arresting combination of white noise and distorted background elements. As the track progresses, Hady injects hard-hitting 808s, pouring his heart out about feeling abandoned by his lover.

The EP includes two bonus tracks, each of which is a mixture of Arabic and English trap, infusing a contemporary and distinctive twist into the EP's sonic tapestry. ‘7abba’ shines as Hady Moamer's second collaboration with Bayou, following their single, ‘Call Her Right Now’. They forge a connection by embracing a more carefree approach to life, culminating in a high-speed, pitch-altered chorus that adds a distinctive edge towards the end of the track. Strategically positioned, ‘Barmooda’ offers a thought-provoking glimpse into Hady's perspective on life.

Visual artist Fady Makram Wilson curates the official music art cover design and art direction for ‘Zekrayat Elmostabal’. With avant-garde Egyptian sensibilities and a contemporary approach, Fady distorts the portrait to evoke raw, unfiltered emotions that resonate with Hady's transformative journey in the EP.