Having made a name for himself as a music producer working with the likes of Drake (yes, Drake) and Marwan Pablo, Grammy Award nominee Hady Moamer takes his career in an exciting new direction, delivering an electrifying debut solo project whilst showcasing his rapping chops on ‘Darbet Bar2’. Playful flows, witty wordplay, and a commanding mic presence culminate in an utterly charismatic new sound.

The EP kicks off with the track ‘Active’, featuring Ahmed Santa, in which Moamer raps over a smooth beat, Arabic-inspired drum pattern, complemented by a pitch-bending bass and an atmospheric background.

Moamer’s lyricism uses metaphor to explore the topic of making enemies in the industry in a calm and collected delivery style. This is complemented by Santa’s fast-paced flows and eccentric rapping style, which add a different colour to the instrumental. Santa raps about his achievements in the industry, amplifying Moamer’s layered lyrics.

'T3RF TGRY' then comes in with an EDM-inspired beat. A four-on-the-floor kick pattern and energetic percussions make this track reminiscent of 2000’s pop-rap. The instrumental uses hard-hitting drums with a looping melody and infectious rhythm, over which Moamer embraces a playful persona for his vocal delivery.

A distorted electric guitar sample then takes us into ‘ESHTA YA ZMKS’, where a fiery rock inspired solo is abruptly interrupted by the beat switching, as Moamer comes in with impressive wordplay and an entertaining attitude, rapping over a smooth beat and enigmatic vibraphone melody.

The track ‘Khaboot’ provides an interlude to the album, with a dizzying sequence of fast paced high hats, a bright-sounding bass, and an intense buildup with driving snares and hazy, washed-out vocals, making the track seem almost post-punk inspired, setting it apart as an interesting highlight of the album.

The title track ‘Darbet Bar2’, featuring Solty, takes us right back into the action, with Moamer bringing a commanding vocal performance to the table. The rapper explores themes of reflection, overthinking, and introversion over the catchy, yet slightly melancholic instrumental. Solty then comes in with a soft and velvety vocal delivery which fit snugly into the introspective track.

Making use of Lofi aesthetics, 'Kazameel' serves as an outro to the album, where a jazz-inspired piano melody, dusty ride cymbal, and massive kick drum sample set the scene for Moamer’s inventive flow. The artist flexes his production muscles on this track, with panning effects, pitched-down vocals, and intricate percussion patterns accentuating the rapper’s vocal flow and delivery.

Listen to Hady Moamer’s ‘Darbet Bar2’ here: