In the wake of the August 4th explosion that shook Lebanon’s capital of Beirut, an international movement of support emerged in order to raise funds for the city’s relief effort. Among this, Boiler Room reached out to central Beiruti music venue, Ballroom Blitz, and now the two have teamed up with designers from Studio Safar to organise a special charity livestream in order to raise funds for Beirut. 

The event, set to air live on November 22nd from 5PM-10PM GMT, features a stacked lineup of Beiruti talents including Sary Moussa, WHOISBIBZ, SHWAYSHWAY, Liliane Chlela and Peach Puff Bass Unit. 

In a statement on instagram, Ballroom Blitz had this to say about the event:

“Boiler Room reached out as early as August 4th in condolences and warm wishes. We settled on Lebanese independence for a fundraiser. Perhaps the irony will better put things into perspective while we showcase what is most likely the last piece of independence in our country: our music industry. Lebanese fans, support our local heroes on the big stage and tune in. To anybody else, if you can, donate. The money goes to Tunefork Studios’ musician fund. Keep your head up, Beirut! Artwork by Studio Safar.”

The stream is the latest in a string of fundraising events and initiatives to come from the music world. Mashrou' Leila and Mike were able to raise GBP 190,000 through September's 'I Love Beirut' virtual concert, while Middle Eastern streaming platform, Anghami, raised over US 1 million with 'The Sound of Beirut' concert that same month. Other notable initiatives include Beatport and Electronic Labor Day's 'For Beirut', which featured the likes of Carl Cox and Pete Tong, as well as UK-based organisation MARSM's London-Beirut Solidarity Fundraiser.

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