Lebanese-Mexican singer/activist, Blu Fiefer, released her music video ‘Sint el Ew’ earlier this month, marking her first new track in a number of years. The track reimagines Ghassan Rahbani’s classic revolutionary anthem, ‘2000’, updating the arrangement with modern production courtesy of Fiefer — who wrote, produced, directed, edited, and color graded the entire endeavor — alongside co-writers Wassim Haddan and Magali Doueihi.

Whereas Rahbani’s original track took a more lighthearted approach to its subject matter, Fiefer’s 2020 reimagining is a much more bleak outlook on the current situation in Lebanon, set to a beat reinforced by frantic percussions, thumping 808s, and an ominous, near-screeching lead synthesiser.

The music video, largely shot on iPhone by Fiefer and Bilal Houssami, juxtaposes shots of Fiefer amongst the streets of Beirut with archival footage of Beirut in the aftermath of revolution, economic crashes, and the August 4th explosion.

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