Music platform MARSM has always pursued a goal of bringing the best of Middle-Eastern music to the UK in various forms. However, their latest endeavour aims to give back to the region via a three-week fundraiser to help aid in the relief effort for the ongoing crises in Beirut following the August 4th blast. 

In conjunction with the fundraiser, MARSM has partnered up with London-based Liminal Arts — as well as “numerous actors from the UK’s festival scene" — in order to throw a one-night-only fundraising event at The Magic Garden in Battersea, London on August 24th.

“With current fears of humanitarian disaster, a city which has gone through so much, is facing its most profound challenge", MARSM wrote on Facebook, "It is of the utmost urgency that frontline medical and emergency staff receive international support to carry out life-saving services to the people of Beirut."

For the price of £30, attendees will taste some traditional Lebanese cuisine, and enjoy an art Exhibition and Sale, alongside performances from El Far3i, 47SOUL and Flamingods. Being a social distanced event, capacity is sure to be limited, and all proceeds received from the event will go directly to the Lebanese Red Cross. One off donations will also be accepted.

More event info here.

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