Almost a year since Lebanon’s Mashrou’ Leila were banned from performing in their home country the group finally returned with an intimate concert held in the 19th-Century Sursock Palace Garde, which had been severely damaged by the August 4th port explosion. With ruins behind them and candle lights to their front, Mashrou' Leila and Mika paid tribute to the deceased and banded together for their city and its people with the virtual 'I Love Beirut' concert.

Airing on 19th of September, it was hosted by Lebanese-born British singer-songwriter Mika, who after his own performance joined forces with Mashrou’ Leila for a healing and uplifting collaborative song, 'Promise Land'. The collaboration endorsed the signature Mashrou' Leila sound, with vocals from Mika instantly instantly injecting a wave of emotion to the song.

In addition to Mika and Mashrou’ Leila, a plethora of international artists were also featured on ‘ILoveBeirut’s fundraising concert, including the singer Louane, Rufus Wainwright, Kylie Minogue and Danna Paola. Additionally, some big names in the acting world joined on including A-list actress Salma Hayek, and the legendary Fanny Ardant of France.

By the end of the show, over 190,000 GBP of donations were collected, with funds going directly to the Lebanese Red Cross and Save The Children for all the vital work they do.

Donations for ‘ILoveBeirut’ are still accepted at