Lebanese Futuro-Arab Act, Gharam Electric, releases an alluring music video for their latest single ‘Kullou Banat’. Wassim Bou Malham, the founder of Gharam Electric, DJ and co-founder of  Lebanese nightlife giants Factory People, meshes fusha  - literary Arabic - lyrics into a tranquil and catchy hook.

‘Kullou Banat’ lies somewhere between a Tame Impala and a cassette tape-reminiscent sound, echoed through an ambient music video. The newly released song takes a more mellow indie-rock approach than Gharam Electric's signature ‘Arab-Futuro’ electronica.

The music video is in collaboration with the Lebanese fashion designer Salim Azzam who brings a nostalgic 80-90s pop mise en scene to the song, blending into an almost ironic lyrical rhythm akin to an 80s lover boy persona.