Whilst the music industry suffers from a lack of live events, musicians inherently have been given more time to focus on their craft at home more than ever and there is more music being released across the region now, more than ever. Moroccan born, US based artist, philosopher and prolific producer, Bergsonist, has seemingly gone into hyper-drive with the release of 22 tracks across four new EPs on Bandcamp in the space of a week - #565900, #340505, #001a4a and a200ca (the album names corresponding to the hex color code used in their artworks.

These Frankenstein productions have been set free from their DAW cages, complete or otherwise (a200ca was recorded in 2015), paying homage to Begsonist’s spontaneous and minimal sound - always complex and atmospheric. Highlight tracks for us include #565900’s ‘Fragment’, and #001a4a’s highly relevant ‘Pandemic Hope’.

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Head to Bergonist’s Bandcamp to listen to the full catalogue.