Since their first release gained massive attention back in 2011, Hayajan has been a leading Arabic Indie Rock band ever since, due to their rich musicality, memorable melodies and explosions in sound. With borders between them, the five members from Jordan and Iran managed to create and release their first debut album in 2013 titled “Ya Bay” which led them to the top of every youngsters playlist with tracks like “Ya 7weneh” and “Ween El-Kalam”. 

After Alaa Wardi’s career kicked off on YouTube with viral videos of acapella cover songs, he decided to get the gang together and establish an all original band called “Hayajan”. Wardi is the main singer and songwriter of the band and is known for his unique vocal work in the falsetto range.

Odai Shawagfeh is a guitarist with a unique style and sound. Since the days he and Wardi studied music at the same faculty, Shawagfeh kept looking for new ways to play his instrument and shape his sound, becoming well known for his talent in Jordan and in the Alternative Arabic scene.

Mohammed Idrei and Wardi’s friendship started while working on a project together. A highly skilled and multi-talented musician, his guitar work with Hayajan has left an impact on the listeners and his energy keeps the band running. VFX, Compositing & 3D Animation is his main line of work.

Hakam Abu-Soud is a solid drummer with a strong hit. Influenced heavily by Rock and Hip Hop, he gives Hayajan the driven beats required. An extremely kind, passionate and persistent personality with a day job as a corporate lawyer.

Amjad Shahrour is the bass of the band, his lines define the direction of Hayajan’s style. Influenced by nature and his love for it gives him the ability to think out of the box and beyond borders.

Starting out as an Arabic rock band, Hayajan is heading to a modern direction with fancier grooves and electronic sounds, while not forgetting their cultural roots, deep emotional melodies and their love for good songs that are appreciated by all.