Sara Bluma is an Algerian DJ and producer who began her musical journey on the vibrant dance floors of Ibiza and has since been captivating audiences across the globe pushing a fusion of indie dance, techno house and italo disco.

Bluma became a resident DJ at The Sanctuary Eco Retreat in Italy in 2020 before releasing her debut album ‘Teenage Dream’ in 2022, which marked her first venture into production, filled with a delicious variety of slow-burning, groovy bangers. On the dancefloor Bluma, the rising Algerian artist never shies away from pushing boundaries and dabbling into new uncharted sonic territories. 

On this week’s Select 229, Sara Bluma has created an exclusive four-hour set for SceneNoise, featuring tunes like ‘Love Desire’ by Cassim, ‘Theka’ by Rass and ‘Nterini’ by Fatoumata Diawara.

The set kickstarts with a tropical mix of afrobeats and minimal house tunes, before transitioning into some funk grooves embellished with layers of percussion and sweltering vocoders. 

Listen to the full set here: