Having firmly established himself in the underground music scene with his debut EP ‘Prosthetics’, Kuwaiti producer Van Boom continues to explore the eviscerating sonic realm of abrasive left-field electronics and noise in his new EP ‘NUBORNE’.

Released on Swedish label Cease 2 Exist, the four-track EP, featuring collaborations with global artists like Whiterose, Safety Dance and Evita Manji, is densely packed with dread-laced hyper-industrial wares. Through unrelenting sub-bass, sharp twists and heavy noise textures, ‘NUBORNE’  - which true to its moniker explores regeneration and permutation - sees Van Boom manifesting the heady frustrations and tradition-tempered strains into a demonic cacophony of distorted rapture.

On the title track ‘NUBORNE’ as well as on the second track ‘Untethered’, an unnerving ambience is given free rein. Amidst snapshots of rhythmic tics and glitches, tension continues to build up, freefalling into explosive waves.

‘Polished Wounds’, however, features deconstructed beats that sound like a machine gun rapidly firing bullets, intersected with warped fierce screams that one could say pulled straight out from ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’. As we reach the final track, ‘Object Mapping’, while the accelerationism continues with hard-hitting speedy beats, the distortion somehow leads to novel sonic structures.