Jana Diab, daughter of Amr Diab, has released her introspective single, ‘Escape Plan,’ which the megastar has been teasing for some time.

‘Escape Plan is about how one chooses to deal with their depression and sadness by overindulging in negative coping mechanisms’ Jana Diab tells Scene Noise, ‘Choosing to depend on external distractions instead of dealing with the root cause of the issue, leaving them to continuously repeat the cycle’ She adds.

Through introspective lyricism, the track captures the contrast between external perceptions of someone and the reality of their internal struggles, ‘Being the ‘life of the party’ or ‘the extrovert’ are all surface factors that are meant to be seen as confidence, when in reality it’s a mask one puts on in attempt to free themselves from their pain and suffering’, Jana shares with Scene Noise.

The track’s Outro depicts how one revert to their patterns of escapism, thus perpetuating the ongoing cycle of damage and repair. The song’s accompanied by a music video, directed by Kid Apollo, which was shot entirely in the bustling streets of Jana’s hometown Cairo.

Earlier last year, the up-and-coming musician signed a deal with American label, Interscope Records, marking a significant step in her musical journey.