French-Lebanese music project Tales & Ahlam, a collaboration between French producer DJ Bab and Lebanese singer Celinatique, has released its debut EP, ‘Boussa’. The five-track EP blends Arabic pop melodies with energetic house music and club-ready production, creating a unique soundscape where catchy vocals and familiar instrumentation from Arabic pop intertwine with the driving rhythms and electronic sounds of house music.

‘Boussa’ offers a rich and interesting listening experience through layers of sound. DJ Bab's synthesizer melodies add a distinctive touch, likely reflecting his musical background. Layered on top are Celinatique's vocals, which deliver the Arabic pop melodies with soul and melody, adding another dimension to the tracks. Tying everything together is the clean production quality, which ensures each element shines through in the final mix. DJ Bab is a label manager and music producer who is part of the Musique de Fëte collective launched by Nowadays Records & KasbaH. He is known for his solo project, which focuses on Maghreb music. His music combines traditional raï or chaâbi melodies with synthesizers and drum machines, creating a contemporary and club-oriented sound. 

Celinatique is a singer who has been immersed in music since her childhood. Coming from a family where traditional and religious Arabic music are prevalent, she has a unique voice that draws inspiration from the great icons of the Arab golden age. Initially discovered by Zeid Hamdan, she started her singing career with the indie-pop-electro-tarab group « Abaya Road », covering Mediterranean songs in multiple languages.