German-Syrian musical duo, Shkoon, has announced their much-anticipated album tour, ‘Masrahiya’, spanning a global itinerary that includes Riyadh, Beirut, Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona and more. Starting December 1st, Shkoon will be inaugurating their journey at the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

Shkoon’s genesis traces back to an encounter in 2015 when Ameen Khayer and Thorben Diekmann crossed paths in Hamburg. Ameen, having left Syria due to the ravages of war, found an unexpected synergy with Thorben during a spontaneous jam session, giving birth to the project Shkoon. The eclectic fusion of electronic downbeat, deep house, dub, and hip-hop, complemented by instruments such as piano, violin, synthesizers, percussion, and vocals, seamlessly blends oriental melodies with Western electronic beats that transcends cultural boundaries.

Scheduled for release on November 16th, their forthcoming album, ‘Masrahiya’, marks their second studio endeavor. The album title, meaning "theater play" in Arabic, hints at an exploration of storytelling and performance through musical compositions.

Their inaugural single and accompanying music video, ‘Al-Furat’, was released earlier this September, and delves into the interplay between reality and fiction across three themes: tragedy, politics and irony. Their subsequent release, ‘Roots’, stands as an homage to heritage, belonging, and homeland. Shkoon's third single, ‘Qudud’, draws inspiration from traditional Syrian melodies and features lyrics in classical Arabic. Meticulously curated from ancient religious tunes, primarily sourced from Aleppine musicians, this composition offers a musical voyage steeped in history and patrimony.

Despite facing challenges such as postponed gigs and album releases, Shkoon has decided to re-enter the festival circuit, seeking to inspire courage and unity in times of despair. In an effort to lend their support to the Palestinian cause, a portion of the proceeds from their performances will contribute to humanitarian aid for the people of Palestine through the Red Crescent Organization. This financial support aims to directly aid Palestinians, either within Palestine or those residing in Egypt.