Lebanese collective Jidariyya is highly regarded for their constant support to the women and the non-confirming individuals of the local scene. Founded by Liliane Chlela and Rita Haddad, having the consultancy of Sana Romanos and Amani Seman, the biggest goal is to offer the aforementioned groups a safe space and platform to showcase their music, works, and efforts through events, workshops, and community networking, establishing a diverse membership following

Jidariyya is set to host their first live showcase on Thursday, April 21st at Metro Al Madina, starting 8PM Beirut time. The showcase will headline Jidariyya residents, which include co-founder Liliane Chlela, Lebanese multi-instrumentalist and producer Flugen, Egyptian experimentalist Aya Metwalli, with artists Khansa and Elyse Tabet. The event costs 150,000 LBP for early birds, 200,000 LBP normally, and free entry for Jidariyya members. The collective is also hosting a listening session by next week, having workshops from the beginning of May with Flugen, and organizing more club nights, a job portal, and a curated compilation, with plans to expand their agency to a bigger scale.

Jidariyya operates as a group of collaborators, giving everyone a chance to offer what they have to the table, in hopes of a united agency that can achieve a well-rounded end-result.

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