JellyZone is one of these party series that takes an alternative music direction than most, keeping the focus on niche sounds and sub-genres of the electronic music spectrum. Throughout the past five years, JellyZone hosted a diverse array of artists from thee region and beyond in their many eclectic parties, with the likes of Palestine’s Al Nather, Croatia’s Mapalma, Russia’s Wulffluw XCIV, along with multiple local heroes from different music scenes in Egypt with rappers Marwan Pablo and Moscow, producers EL Waili and Rafeik, experimentalists Rama, ZULI, Assyouti, Onsy, and much more.

For their fifth anniversary, JellyZone mastermind, founder Donia Shohdy, aka A7ba L-Jelly, decided to kick things up a notch for this special occasion, taking the JellyZone series to Hurghada from August 18 till 20 for a mini two-day festival which will bring a mix of your favorite local heroes along with some surprising international acts. The full line-up and all the details will be announced within the next couple of weeks, so prepare your party boots for a weekend of sonic madness.