Sudan’s Fodi is one of these generational talents that appears rarely in the regional scene. A well-rounded artist with skills ranging from singing, rapping, songwriting, producing, mixing and mastering, Fodi is a one-man-show who’s able to create a single from start to finish solely on his own. His latest endeavour finds him collaborating with rising Sudanese talent Xlavourx on ‘S5ana’, a mellow trap beat which sees Fodi’s sensual side along his compatriot.

In ‘S5ana’, the duo reflect on their personal relationships from their surroundings, expressing love and anguish with their friends and companions. While Fodi does his usual work in Arabic, Xlavourx provides that English flavour to the mix, offering the best of both worlds on a regional scale. Produced, mixed and mastered by Fodi himself, the multi-talented artist offers a dulcet instrumental, making use of a soothing piano line as the main attraction with mild-mannered drum-mixing to allow more room for the vocals to breathe within the mix.