Following the debut of its new Nile09 set series last month, Cairo-based label, Rakete, has released episode two, with label head and seasoned music-maker, Baher, teaming up with one of the most unique artists on the scene right now, the mysterious, faceless 3Phaz.

In March, 3Phaz released a groundbreaking debut album, Three Phases, which saw him fuse percussive club music with mahraganat quite spectacularly. He brings glimpses of this unique sound to a set that also seems to have brought out a more left-field side to Baher, which we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

Rakete was launched in February by Baher and another veteran of the Egyptian DJing scene, Aly B, with the aim of working with the very best in local talent. They have the likes of Hassan Abou Alam and Molotof on their books, as well as up-and-coming talents such as Moff and Hania Shalaby.

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