London-based artistic jack-of-all-trades and RBMA graduate Zahed Sultan recently dropped his rendition of cult-classic Lebanese rock tune “Do You Love Me” by the Bandaly Family, which sat somewhere between levantine folk-rock and beatles-esque surf-rock, and was released during the blissfully psychedelic summer of 1976.

In contrast to the original by the Bandali Family, Zahed Zultan’s rendition seems worlds away, switching out the rock influence for a more ambient, autotune-soaked rendition. Reverb-drenched synthesizer string sections provide an extremely cinematic backdrop to the chorus of Sultan’s layered vocals.

Largely absent from Sultan’s cover is the almost comical instrumental switch up that occured around the center point of the original track, instead focusing entirely on a left-field minimal take on ‘Do You Love Me's' somber heartfelt crooning that formed the backbone of the song’s message.

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