Egyptian producer and Epic101 Studios affiliate Mazen El Messery (stylized as Mazenlmessery) recently released two minimal techno EP’s, PeurDeChanger. and Russ on Columbian label Psicodelica and its imprint Miniline, respectively.

The first of the two projects — PeurDeChanger. —  leans towards the deeper side of minimal and micro-house, starting out with ‘Double Think’, which channels Romanian minimal-techno via warped vocal chops ,reverb soaked percussion, and a deep bass riff keeping the groove over the steady 4/4 beat. 

The b-side, PeurDeChanger.’ slows things down considerably, instead relying on a bouncing sub-bass and melancholic chords to carry the somber atmosphere forwards, while in contrast to ‘Double Think’ the vocals and one-shots on this one are a bit haphazard, coming through with a frantic randomness rather than accentuating the rhythmic elements.

The second release — Russ — takes things a bit deeper via Psicodelic sublabel Miniline. Much of the same sound design as heard on PeurDeChanger can be heard here, albeit with a more techno-tinged focus.  The A-side ‘Russ’ instantly kicks into high gear with massive deep tech bass-ridden kick drums and hypnotic shuffling percussion, and screeching lead synthesizer churning along in what's certainly the highlight of the two releases. 

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