Iranian DJ/producer Arash ‘ArtSaves’ Mollakarimi’s 2020 EP, Bore, was an atmospheric fusion of ambience and industrial techno that arguably topped his previous two releases, SEUIL (2016) and UNRef (2018).

Released on Kopi Records, the five-track record saw the artist delve deeper into experimentalism and it’s this element that drives the video for title track, ‘Bore’. Using footage of the culturally and historically-rich Hormozgan Province in Southern Iran, the video is a black-and-white, effect-ridden piece that features a collection of different scenes, ranging from camel racing, to group prayers, to a henna.

The concept isn’t as random in its coupling with the track as one might believe, with ArtSaves crediting the culture of the province as an inspiration for the track. 

“[Hormozgan] is known for its unique landscapes, food and warm culture,” ArtSaves writes, adding that it is home to home to a diverse and unexplored population. “The Afro-Iranian and Arab minorities continue mastering the art of living in this region, with their clothing style, music, dance and oral traditions and rituals. My latest album and the eponymous track, ‘Bore’, is inspired by and a homage to the music coming out of this region which is deeply connected to dance music in our popular culture.”

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