Iranian, Tehran-based DJ and Producer ArtSaves has released a new EP titled Bore. Released on the Iranian label Kopi Records, the five-track body of work comprises a nifty melange of ambience and industrial techno. Commencing with a smooth, atmospheric sound before adopting a harsh and mechanical crunch, opening track 'Siren' sets a mysterious tone to the album. Indeed, this unpredictability is affirmed by the following, profoundly experimental track 'Pascal.' Eponymous track 'Bore' once again shifts the tone of Art Saves's body of work with its beat-ridden electronica and marching rhythm. Fused with a glorious dose of glitch, 'Make Out' is   –  frankly  – the type of track you would want to trip and do exactly what its name implies to. Closing off the album is a highly defiant, melodic track 'Porter.'Follow ArtSaves on Facebook, Instagram  and Soundcloud.