With a mix of elements across jazz, neo-soul, pop, and rap, London-based Egyptian singer Layal continues to further the scope of her sound by incorporating new musical ideas and singing styles.

On her latest track ‘This State’, Layal proudly embraces her strengths and talent, as the singer states:

“The element I found the most interesting about rappers is that they hype themselves the most and truly believe in their craft and that’s the image I wanted to sketch for myself & for the listeners. This song is dedicated to recognising my own power and shamelessly advertising it, regardless of what others might believe.”

The track comes as a follow up to Layal’s January single ‘Madina’, where she channels more of her hip-hop influences to accompany the jazz-inspired instrumental on this release.

‘This State’ starts out with a live-performed arrangement of bass, drums, and electric piano, which immediately sets the tone with a laid back feel, driven by a bouncy bass-line and crisp drum pattern.

In this track, Layal experiments with her vocal flows and melodies, seamlessly transitioning from catchy hooks to syncopated rap verses throughout the different sections of the track.

Listen to Layal’s ‘This State’ here: