Rising Egyptian singer-songwriter Nadine Eldeib navigates the complex emotional labyrinth of falling in love with your best friend in her debut single, ‘Two Stones’.

With introspective lyricism and bittersweet tonality, Nadine details her personal experience of failure in human communication and the guilt that follows fighting with someone you love. It’s vulnerability at its best. As Eldeib puts it, “It’s something for, both the ear and the heart.”

“I originally wrote the track as a sad song with a very sombre melody back in 2020,” Nadine tells SceneNoise. “But, when I started working on the first demo with my friend Mahmoud, aka Pinkseasalt, we kept experimenting with different basslines and drum patterns and came up with a more groovier and funkier take.” 

A clean and multi-layered, yet perfectly harmonious, fusion of her wispy vocals and Pinkseasalt’s sweltery guitar lines, ‘Two Stones’ sees Nadine addressing universal themes of intimate love between friends in the form of an inner monologue, while meditating on feelings of confusion, frustration and helplessness one experiences in situationships with the wrong person. 

“The song is mainly about this idea of how two people, who are quite similar and grow really close as friends, can either have a great relationship or end up being a disaster,” Nadine shares. “The lyrics are inspired by a time where I was going through something complicated with a former friend, who briefly became a love interest, and for some reason, our mutual understanding had ceased to exist.”

Having grown up in a musical household, Nadine has long been playing the piano and composing her own music since she was four, then began writing her songs at the tender age of 12. Her music is heavily inspired by the soulfulness of Yebba’s vocals and the heavy harmony and electro-pop band of Parcels’.