Universal Music MENA and Chabaka, one of the region’s leading music distribution agencies, have recently announced a record deal with Palestinian hip-hop artist BigSam.

The partnership aims to expand the reach of BigSam’s music to global audiences, as part of Universal Music and Chabaka’s larger strategy to nurture and promote regional talents worldwide. ‘

‘Through our partnership with Universal Music, we aim to provide BigSam with the resources and support needed to amplify his work and share his music with the world’,” Alaa Makki, Co-Founder and CEO of Chabaka Music, tells SceneNoise.

BigSam has garnered a loyal fanbase across the MENA region with his contemporary approach to Arab hip-hop music and authentic rapping style, influenced by hardcore boom-bap origins. Featuring expansive wordplay and powerful vocals, BigSam’s lyricism is unpredictable and impactful. 

As part of the record deal, the Palestinian rapper and lyricist is scheduled to release a new single, titled ‘December’, on May 10th, followed by a series of new releases in June 2024.