Lebanese pop artist Dana Hourani has teamed up with two prominent North African rappers, Anas and Nordo, for her latest single 'Ana'.

This collaboration presents a melodic pop dance track infused with passionate rap verses. Producers Sleiman Damien and Taym skillfully craft an infectious beat that becomes even more irresistible with Dana's melodic chanting hook. Anas and Nordo inject a playful energy with their verses, seamlessly blending with the track's refreshing and feel-good vibe. The music video for ‘Ana’ was shot in Dubai by Egyptian director Abanoub Ramsis. Through Ramsis's direction, the video captures the essence of the track with colourful shots and vibrant set designs.

The video features scenes of urban life, dynamic dance sequences, and captivating performances by Dana Hourani, Anas and Nordo.