Nadine El Roubi explores new territories with ‘Honey Butter’, showing the region her take on what it means to be an afro-woman in the industry. The Sudanese singer-rapper is taking the SWANA region’s rap scene by storm through her witty lyrics and soulful tunes whether with her latest single release ‘Honey Butter’, or through ‘FREESTYLES’, a ten-minute mixtape of freestyle verses and voice notes she wrote and recorded over the years.

“The idea came very organically,”  El Roubi tells SceneNoise. “The song was written years ago with different verses and the same hook, then I met Kubbara, a music producer, and he agreed to re-produce Honey Butter among other tracks. We spent the next year in the studio, and I felt that I could write it better now, from my present perspective.”

Being the first single El Roubi released through a record label (specifically Shlonak Records and Empire Wana), the song channels the same sentiment she so adamantly embodies. ‘Honey Butter’ tackles the ebbs and flows that originate through being a tired-successful-intuitive woman in today’s age. With a sensual experimental take on R&B, El Roubi accomplished what she describes as a “smooth blend of laid-back rap and buttery vocals,” typifying her bold and radical views through lush and atmospheric vocals, and respective accompanying harmonies.

“It’s the mark of me coming into my style,” El Roubi says. “As someone who sings and raps, this new wave of writing and production allows me to better explore the depths of my writing as well as the subject matters that I like to write about. It allows me to be more intentional with my writing”.

‘Honey Butter’ is now available to stream on all major platforms.