Lolo Zouai - AKA Laureen Rebeeha - is a French-Algerian-American self-proclaimed emotional train wreck who just so happens to be navigating her career at the same pace that we are writing this artist profile. Known to most for her hit songs ‘High Highs to Low Lows’, ‘Galipette’, and ‘Desert Rose’, the famed artist is just as musically introspective as she is emotionally.

Having witnessed endless butcherings of her name, Zouai - pronounced zoo-eye - ditched her idiosyncratic dream of becoming a trap producer, subsequent to her discovering Tools existed, and dedicated her time to channeling her middle school tortured poet era in every song she comes out with. Zouai was that kid who spent endless hours on sims building pools for her virtual families only to take out the staircase and watch them navigate their new-found isolation.

Bad television connoisseur - yes Zouai does intermittently indulge in Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind’ - the singer grew up in San Francisco where she comprehensively acquainted herself with Bay Area rap culture which instilled her love for west coast rap music. With French being her first language, Zouai places ample focus on injecting the language deep within every song she puts out, a form of mass inculturation if you will.

Deciding against pursuing a college career - because why waste time and money on a degree that’ll only preempt a field you’re already on the brink of entraining - Zouai moved to New York where the city and its flourishing music scene became her campus. As soon as she took that leap of faith, a slew of opportunities tumbled her way; with producers lining up outside her apartment for the opportune chance to repackage her vocals.

A little while after her move, Zouai was offered quite the mediocre record deal, which she very swiftly declined. Her aversion to the record deal caused quite a ruckus, but the budding star acknowledged the fact that handing over her career needed to be more than an overnight decision. Frustrated with the outcome, Zouai continued releasing music independently as part of her desire to maintain her artistic autonomy. This side of her story then punctuated her hit single ‘High Highs to Low Lows’, the singer's official big break, ultimately empowering Zouai to continue on her path.

An independent but never lonesome career shift, Zouai expressed her gratitude in having found her rock - Stelios. The writer/producer further animated Zouai’s love of bilingual music which then led to her experimenting with Arabic and reconnecting with that side of her multiethnic background.

From April to June of 2020, Zouai opened for Dua Lipa, rectifying her solo career and ensuring that she gets the arena tour she deserves. Garnering even more global success the singer was able to amass millions of Spotify streams with ‘Desert Rose’ topping at 30 million streams, Caffeine at almost 14 million and Brookly Love coming in at 7.5 million streams.