In July 2020, Scarlett Saad and Kristian Abouanni aka, Police Voleur, announced their arrival to the world with a debut single dripping in humour, colour, innuendo and that rare thing to be found in music these days: fun.

‘Cache Cache’ captured what the Lebanese indie-pop duo are all about, featuring more tongue-in-cheek references than you can shake a stick and boasting a playfulness rarely seen in independent music in the Middle East these days.

Since then, however, the band has shown a markedly different side to their musical inclinations, with tracks such as 'Oul' with Manel Mallet and ‘3aychin' with Blackbird maintaining a sense of indie-pop playfulness in a sonic sense, but coating much more sombre, even melancholic hearts.‘Mn B3id’ is a well-crafted, laidback track that finds a middle ground between sombre and dreamy through a rich, unhurried and jazzy piano chord. The tranquil melody is cushioned by lo-fi, trip-hop-leaning acoustic beat, which all come together to provide a fitting backdrop to Abouanni’s lyrics on the rawness of love, longing and heartbreak.