Philadelphia and New York-based producer DJ Haram recently announced details about her upcoming EP, ‘Handplay’, set to be released on December 1st via Hyperdub. This EP follows DJ Haram's self-released 2021 EP, ‘Era’, as well as her 2019 releases, ‘Mixed Berries’ and ‘Grace’.

The EP features a lead single as the opening track with the same title. This release essentially functions as a double single, with ‘Handplay’ and its yet-to-be-released counterpart ‘No Funeral’ forming side A, while their instrumental versions make up side B.

Handplay marks DJ Haram's return to Hyperdub, her first solo release on the label since her 2019 debut album, ‘Grace’. Across the EP's two tracks, she explores the contradictions of feminine archetypes, expressing herself openly through some of her most expressive solo work to date.

DJ Haram, also known as Zubeyda Muzeyyen, is a prominent DJ, producer, and multimedia artist based in the USA. She is known for her boundary-pushing music, which blends various genres such as experimental electronic, hip-hop, and global rhythms. She crafts edgy, dark music that seamlessly blends gritty hip-hop and trippy punk elements.