The metal scene has always been linked to controversy and cancellations. We’re not here to open wounds though but rather mend them with an all-new release from forthcoming band Astra Abyssosque.

Led by guitarist Ziad Mohsen, drummer Mohamed Elhusseiny and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Muhammed Al-Wasat, the Cairo-based band is keen on reinvigorating the metal scene with their contemporary sonic fusion blending Egyptian Shaabi sounds and electronic-orchestral instrumentals with a plethora of other genres.

Astra Abysossque recently debuted their single, ‘Clean Conscience’, a death metal track with heavy riffs, sharp melodic solos and banging drums, all sampled over massive orchestration and deep growls. Just a few seconds into the track, all the major instruments overlap synchronically in support of a harmoniously evolving orchestral arrangement. A mellow guitar riff is then later introduced to break the occurring tension and ease the listener’s ears to what’s coming next. The lyrics start becoming audibly apparent in the track, with copious layers of polyphonic vocals building up for the chorus.

After the chorus the track slows down for a moment, allowing for an unexpected surge of energy to take the listener off-guard. As the acoustic introduces notes of melancholy, serene vocals play, overlapping the strings and serving hints of ear-candy ambience. The ‘Evil Riff’ comes in suddenly, causing chaotic dissonance of clashing strings and eroded chord progressions, prepping the listener for the horror they’re bound to undertake in the coming minutes. Death metal style growls crusade over the track, enticing themes of horror-core.

The track is then dialed back to a glistening ambience, making up for the beautiful intensity that took place earlier allowing for the perfect outro. To enjoy the splendid journey that is Clean Conscience, the experience is currently available across all streaming platforms.