Over the past few years Hassan Abou Alam has established himself as one of Egypt’s most exciting talents, with his release T44 (on Violet-helmed label Naive) climbing to the top of Bandcamp’s best selling list within a short time of its release. Despite his relatively young age, Abou Alam has been active in Egypt’s music scene for nearly a decade at this point, whether it be via his intricately assembled analog productions, inventive live sets, or yearly appearances at Egypt’s largest electronic music festival, Sandbox. 

This time around, Abou Alam has teamed up with frequent collaborator and visual artist Noushka Farag for Silhouettes Beneath, an audio-visual piece that originally aired via New York City-based label Public Records. The video features clips assembled from Hassan and Noushka’s travels around the world, overlaid with Noushka’s kaleidoscope motion graphics and intricately synced to Hassan’s musical accompaniment.

Silhouettes Beneath features the music of Kareem Lotfy, Will Alfred, Kreggo, Cocktail Party Effect, Sqana, Hypho, Thoden, Latefall, Mani Festo, Shawdowpax, Flora, Ying Yang Label, Armand Hammer, as well as selections Hassan Abou Alam’s own music that released via Violet-helmed label NAIVE.

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