On this episode of Select, we have up-and-coming Lebanese DJ Lyss, who has been firing decks from Beirut to Paris and beyond with her versatile and dynamic sets, seamlessly blending house, techno, and trance with balearic and electro.

Her select set, which she recorded on a DJR 400 mixer and two CDJs Nexus 2 at the famed Djoon Club, beautifully encapsulates the raw ecstasy of a packed dance floor. Peppered with influences from UK dance music, it softly opens with some juicy ambient beats backed by sweltering synths as a warm-up, gradually building up to then unfurl in a cluster of energetic progressive rhythms, with some sharp breakbeats that swerve, bend and hit the spine. The set features eclectic club-ready tunes like ‘Rythm’ by Rippin’ L.P., Kylie Minogue’s ‘Believe in U’ (PTMC ADHAD Edit) and more. 

Listen to the full set here: