Ever since his breakthrough into the local electronic music scene in 2017, Cairo-based DJ Amr has become quickly recognized for his distinctive music style, rhythmic melodies and constructional mixing techniques. His dynamic sets clearly showcase his knack for dabbling in a wide variety of genres, ranging from break-ish 90s to hard-hitting electro.

Amr initially developed a deep passion for DJing back in 2013, when he started experimenting with minimal and deep house sounds. However, it was in 2018, at a local underground party, ‘Skanat’, where he grew an interest in turntablism.

For our Select 238, Amr brings us an exclusive niche selection of house music, featuring thumping basslines, progressive rhythms and hypnotic synths intersected with syncopated vocals. Simply put, if a spaceship party had its own playlist, this would be it.

Listen to the full set here: