Balaclava is a collective of alternative artists emerging from the streets of Tunis, committed to promoting local talent, composed of producers Hmenou and 5amaseen.

Dedicated to influencing the youth through their bold and provocative art under their brand, Balaclava aims to embody the rebellious spirit and ambitious drive of their generation. Hmenou, a dedicated producer bridging Tunisian heritage and Parisian culture, has found his niche in drum and bass, infusing his music with local cultural references. Similarly, 5amaseen draws inspiration from bass and club music, crafting his distinct sound with pounding kicks, percussive patterns, and distorted breaks, influenced by the sonic landscape of his homeland, from Mahraganat to Upper Egyptian folkloric music.

In this Select, Balaclava guides their listeners through an experimental mix of sounds, composed of fractured and disjointed breakbeats. Among some notable tracks featured in the mix are Hmenou's ‘Ahla & Sahla’ and ‘Howa’, 5amaseen's ‘Tashweesh’ (Unreleased), and Kouslin's ‘Five Four’.

Listen to full set here: