This week on Select 202, we have DJ Corin IIeto, aka CORIN, the Filipina-Australian electronic music producer, composer, and regular monthly host on London’s NTS Radio who is best known for merging classic Western music with hyper-electronic sounds to create immersive soundscapes.

Drawing inspiration from her multi-cultural heritage and mythology elements from science fiction, CORIN’s distinctive mixes feature an assemblage of converging styles, ranging from IDM, EBM, trance, and baroque-laden ambience.

In her hour-long Select session, CORIN has mixed a selection of tracks from various compilations, which have been released recently to raise funds for Palestine, such as Paralaxe Editions’ ‘For Palestine’, Mrama Division’s ‘By All Means’, and Cease 2 Exist’s ‘Emergency For Gaza’.

With driving bass lines and futuristic sounds tinged with a little bit of acid and psytrance, CORIN creates a mythical hypnotic set, borrowing sounds from multiple famous tunes including Van Boom’s ‘No Empathy’, Oldyungmayn’s ‘Scrattch’, Toumba’s ‘Adrift’, Spivak’s ‘Mall Pals’, Joachim Nordwall’s ‘Desperatio’, and STILL’s ‘The Sword and the Neck’, among many others.

Listen to the full set here: