We’ve previously covered Sampatic Records’ Kamyar Khanzaei’s techno stylings, though his latest efforts, It’s Time to Rush, arrives as Khanzaei’s first collaborative work with fellow Tehran based producer/DJ, and head of Bandet Rec, Arash (a.k.a A Blade of Grass).

Co-written and co-produced by Arash and Khanzaei in Tehran at Sampatic Records’ HQ, and mixed/mastered by Arash, the EP is a dizzying blend of minimal, electro, dub, and deep house that further reaffirms Tehran as one of the growing hotspots for dance music production in the region.
Clearly crafted for dancefloor use rather than casual listening, all three tracks are quite extensive endeavors, with each one clocking in between eight and ten minutes in length. The highlight of the EP, ‘Vision’, leaves behind traditional 4/4 rhythms in favour of a breakbeat/electro-tinged approach, with frantic glitch-like percussion, shuffling kick drum patterns and pulsating synths that lull the listener into a hypnotic, spacey groove.