Eddisco is an independent label and appointment-only record store based in the Tunisian capital. Often underrated in terms of the larger North African scene, Tunisia have been exporting some of the best sounds in electronic dance music in the region for a while now. This latest three-track release from Eddisco comes courtesy of Tunisian producer/DJ Ghazouani Khalil (a.k.a Henkeman)  and includes a remix by Eddisco co-founder Hamdi Ryder.

The opening track ‘Cyber Dream’ kicks off with a tightly arranged breakbeat sequence, spoken word french vocals and the unrelenting shuffling of various layered hi-hats. Noises like digital distortion and electric hum come into the mix to transition the song from one phrase to another, and later on — as softly spoken female vocals are introduced into the mix —  arpeggiated ambient keys, classic acid lean line enter the mix, uplifting the previously dark and introspective track. 

Hamdi Ryder's remix of ‘Cyber Dream’ brings a lot of the subtler elements of the EP to the forefront, with analog distortion, CD skipping, circuit bending and the sounds of a computer crashing becoming more prominent than they were on Henkeman’s original mix. This has the effect of taking the euphoric energy of the original and honing it in a different dancefloor-focused direction through booming classic electro-tinged 808 sequencing. Later on Hamdi Ryder unleashes a veritable ‘cowbell shower’ upon the track, giving the track a thoroughly vintage inspired vibe. 

The closing track, ‘Fatality’ comes together as a collection of four-to-the-floor bass heavy sequences, rattling hi-hats, and a healthy dose of classic-house inspired chords. Here, the vocals are dialed back in favor of a more instrumentally inclined, dance floor-focused emphasis on groove. 

Overall, Henkeman’s debut on Eddisco is an excellent trio of intensely danceable track, further affirming the Tunisian label’s keen ear towards forward thinking dance music, and simultaneously paying tribute to the classic sounds of 90s and 2000s house and electro. As 2020 draws to a close, there is only excitement to see what further sonic territories Henkeman and Eddisco explore together. 

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