Over the past two years, Cairo based imprint, SLOVVDK, has steadily been putting out releases at a pace that puts more established labels to shame.  Following their last compilation in April 2019, label co-founders, Ragy Ahmed and Moe Hani, have gathered-up a group of artists from “various musical backgrounds, styles, and nationalities” to contribute to this new mixtape.


Featuring twelve artists from around the Middle East and beyond, the compilation includes label mainstays like Blufrank, Azzi, and Dirty Backseat, as well as newcomers Yosr, Fear Gorta, Cairo-based Danish artist Sonny Frameless, as well as many others.



Comprised of 15 tracks, this effort is simultaneously both their longest release and their most diverse. SLOVVDK MIXTAPE II crosses over many musical territories, shifting between off-kilter electronica, pop experimentation, house, dance-hall, mahraganat, as well as many, many other genres in-between.


Particular highlights include the opening track, ‘ABOsahar w Bas’, a high energy cut by the irreplaceable upper-Egyptian DJ ABOsahar, in his signature trobby (trippy) mahraganat style.


San Francisco-based DJ George Comodino’s ONMYMIND’, fuses elements of old school house, afro-beat and tinges of drum and bass into an emotional and nostalgic five minute earworm, while U.F.N.A’s ‘See You My Night’ - a two-part slow burn that fuses massive Phil Collin’s inspired atmospheres, with catchy vocals, deep bass riffs and a steady 4/4 beat.



The entire compilation was mastered by 200 Shams, a new project by SLOVVDK founder Ragy Ahmed, who also contributes production to ‘Bebalak’, with Azzi, Yosr’s Keep’, Fayrouz Karawaya’s cover of Je Suis Malade’, as well as both parts of U.F.N.A’s ‘See You My Night’.


It’s an overall vibrant, diverse and eclectic release that speaks of SLOVVDK’s unique positioning on the Middle Eastern music landscape. While the tracks may have little in common on the surface, what does bind them together is a distinct since of originality that makes each and every one of them unique to their artists.

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