Following up her previous release, Time + Money, on fellow Egyptian label, SLOVVDK, alongside co-founder, Blufrank, this latest offering from LAV once again shows her affinity towards the darker side of the musical spectrum with Alokrishna.

The project begins with the title track 'Alokrishna', a techno-tinged beat that explosively introduces the EP. Featuring rattling, clockwork-like percussion, a distorted acid bassline and a prominent vocal sample present throughout, 'Alokrishna' is a full-on assault on the ears. Far from merely a standard techno track, this opener highlight's LAV's attention to detail, with numerous subtle percussive and textural elements constantly coming in and out of the mix.

The second and third tracks, ‘Then What’ and 'Just Say Know’, slow things down considerably, echoing influences of dub-techno through booming sub-basses and minimal, reverb-soaked percussion throughout. Angelic, choir-like vocals contrast the exceedingly melancholic mood alongside bright splashes of metallic drums.

The closing track, a remix of Aisha Devi’s ‘Light Luxury’, gives us a brief glimpse of LAV’s workflow when deconstructing music. By reworking the same sample used on ‘Just Say Know’, this version pays tribute to Devi's vocal stylings by featuring them more prominently in the mix, while simultaneously twisting and shifting them to fit with LAV's auditory aesthetic.

Overall, the EP very much fits into Sound of Noize's distinct catalog of releases and general aesthetic - which you can find out more about in our recent feature, Meet Sound of Noize: The Egyptian Label Championing the Experimental Music Others Won't.

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