Ammani collective and party series, House of Afandi, celebrated their one-year anniversary on October 16th with a specially curated eight-hour takeover of Jordan’s stream. Through over 21 live events, a long running mix series, and a podcast on that has featured the likes of Habibi Funk, Dar Discu, Graphique, and more, House of Afandi have quickly engrained themselves into Amman’s dance music scene through their upbeat, disco-tinged sound and frequent appearances at La Calle and Zorba Rooftop. 

Though predominantly produced by House of Afandi mainstay, Oun Jweinat, HOF01 brings together a number of House of Afandi members and friends including Kareem Abdul Rub, Jakob Hidmi, and Karam Risheg. Additionally, HOF01 included a surprise appearance by Rami HR, who contributes the bonus track ‘Hydrate (Extended Mix)’.

The four-track EP kicks off on a jazzy note with ‘WRN’ featuring Kareem Abdul Rub, which relies on a smooth foundation of electric piano keys, rumbling disco bass riffs, and a tight classic house rhythm section. Track two, ‘The Naked Truth (feat. JakesHid), introduces smooth, jazzy synthesised chords and chopped vocal samples from the T.V series, Law & Order, giving the track an ethereal, radio-like quality that favours a more introspective energy over direct dancefloor-orientation.

By far the highlight of the record is the third track, ‘Generate’, which kicks things into a hypnotic groove through the soft click-clack of micro-house percussion and a pumping main bassline that really elevates the track to another energetic level.  Rami HR’s surprise addition to the tracklisting -- ‘Hydrate (Extended Mix) -- leaves HOF01 on a lighter note that it’s predecessor, dialing back the explosive energy for a more slow-burning sonic experience. 

Overall it’s good to see House Of Afandi expand their musical efforts from a humble party series into a blossoming record label with an ever-expanding roster of talented Ammani youths. Despite being a little over a year into their musical journey, the collective shows a degree of organisation and quality control that brings with it a lot of promise, and makes us excited for their future endeavors.

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