To the folks at Beirut/Brooklyn-based label, Diggers' Delight, the number four symbolises 'the house', and so for their fourth release, the label plans on fully “bringing the house down.” Clever wordplay aside, the release in question, Beirut Bounce, covers a wide range of sonic territories, and features everything from downbeat, lounge-friendly tracks, to warm house grooves perfect for a summer day, to dancefloor-friendly, deep/tech-house bangers sure to rattle any club sound system - a versatility and expansiveness that has come to be a Diggers Delight trademark.

Throughout the 10-track album, we get a taste of the depth and breadth of the electronic music coming out of the Lebanese capital, with Jack the Fish, thelittlehouseofg, BiG AL, DUK, Ribal Rayess, Jad Taleb, Audioblend, Cheh, Pomme Rouge and Silverfonix,

Among the highlights of the record is Digger’s Delight founder Ribal Rayess’ ’Tracy’s Car,’ a dreamy, atmospheric tune that blends infectious lead melodies with rumbling basslines and shuffling percussion. Another is Cheh’s ’Systeme’ — a dub-minimal infused track that occasionally dips into electro-style breakbeats with its intricate soundscapes, while boasting a noticeably high degree of attention to detail paid towards rhythm and groove.

While eclectic compilations of this nature can often start strong, only to begin to dip towards the tail end, Beirut Bounce also closes with two of its highlight tracks. The penultimate track was previously the label's debut release: Pomme Rouge's 'Not a Gizzmo', which took the duo of Joy Moughanni and Alex Chahine well away from their other musical exploits with electrofunk group, Gizzmo. They find a comfy spot between house and techno, hence the very deliberate and delightfully self-referential title. Closing things out is Silverfonix’s ‘Best Of Me’ - a high-energy deep-house banger featuring an intensely catchy vocal hook that builds until the track’s cathartic drop. Though the track fades out earlier than expected, it certainly leaves the listener itching to hit the replay button.

With this release, Diggers' Delight has further laid its claim as an important voice on the electronic music scene in Lebanon - a scene that has historically pushed boundaries, innovated and led the line for the region. Further upcoming compilations from “Berlin, Bristol, Buenos Aires and beyond,” are being teased and one can only imagine that these cities haven't only been mentioned for the greater good of alliteration. Whatever the case, the Diggers' Delight looks poised to grab what's left of 2020 by the horns.

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