Bahrain’s Zone+ has had quite an eventful past couple years, and has been racking up accolades through mixes and releases dropped on labels including All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep and Sol Selectas. On this latest release, Zone+ has joined esteemed French-Australian producer/DJ, YokoO, of All Day I Dream and Get Physical, releasing the collaborative EP through the latter’s Bandcamp as an exclusive release.

Experiments opens with ‘Solis Occasum’ (Latin for ’sunset’ ), a seven-minute deep house track centered by a simple, rumbling bassline, layers of intricately melodic one shots and snippets of stuttering vocals that lean closer to the realm of minimal techno. The ‘Alt Version’ of the track changes things up slightly, extending the breakdown and making it more atmospheric through smooth chords and trance-like melodies.

The closing track, Hypnosis (Original Mix) stands out at by far the grooviest track on the release, closing the record nicely with organic drums, Rominimal-inspired bleep-bloop percussion, and a subtle piano-lead melodic sec
that acts as a euphoric contrast to the deep grooves and intense focus on rhythm. Overall, a release that surprises in flashes in terms of what one might expected at the cross section of the two artists.

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